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Milky Way Accent by Bob Snyder

Michael Templeton Reviews Milky Way Accent by Bob Snyder

By a stroke of dumb luck, I happened to finally begin Bob Snyder’s Milky Way Accent just as I finished The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolano. These things may seem as far apart as one

The Heartbeat as an Ancient Instrument by David Schloss

Michael Templeton Reviews The Heartbeat is an Ancient Instrument by David Schloss

“language that’s the only willing tool for exegesis…” Thoughts on The Heartbeat is an Ancient Instrument by David Schloss After I finished reading David Schloss’s new collection, The Heartbeat is an Ancient Instrument, I had

Christopher Smart's Cat by Igor Webb

Michael Templeton Reviews Christopher Smart’s Cat by Igor Web

Christopher Smart’s Cat by Igor Webb is not really about Christopher Smart, his cat, or the famous poem addressed to his cat. Christopher Smart’s Cat is a memoir, although I tend to believe that a

Tiny Kites by Lucien Zell

Thoughts on Lucien Zell’s Tiny Kites by Michael Templeton

I’m just going to go ahead and admit that I love everything about this collection of poems, and I am now a confirmed fan of poet Lucien Zell. There, no pretense of objectivity from here

Riparian Edited by Sherry Cook Stanforth & Richard Hague

Readings from Riparian at the Mercantile Library

In his introductory reflections from Riparian¸ Richard Hague tells us it has been nearly forty years since we have seen an anthology of literary and artistic explorations of the Ohio River, and “it is time

Homunculus by Tony Brewer

Michael Templeton reviews Homunculus by Tony Brewer

Someone I once knew wanted me to listen to a song she thought was a beautiful love song. I listened and ruined everything when I said it wasn’t much of a love song since the

Among the Enigmas by Robert Murphy

Michael Templeton Reviews Robert Murphy’s Among the Enigmas

I suppose I need to state at the outset that I do not write this post as an objective reader or observer. I was pulled into the poetry of Robert Murphy a long time ago,


Collected Works: Remembering Four Dos Madres Poets

An evening of remembrance and poetry necessarily entails a mood which is something of a sustained air of loss and celebration. I do not say mixture because the two competing conditions never fully resolve. Perhaps

Bonbonerie Poetry Lovers Dinner Event

Poetry Lover’s Dinner Event by Michael Templeton

Hosted by the Bonbonerie, the Poetry Lover’s Dinner Event featured three magnificent poets from the Dos Madre’s roster. Susan Glassmeyer, Pauletta Hansel, and Megan Hanson were assembled to read from their most recent books. Dinner