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Coal Town Photograph by Pauletta Hansel

“The Road” from Pauletta Hansel’s book of poetry “Coal Town Photograph” is featured in Poetry Daily

“The Road” from Pauletta Hansel’s most recent book of poetry “Coal Town Photograph” is the featured poem in Poetry Daily.

Riparian Edited by Sherry Cook Stanforth & Richard Hague

Riparian Appears in Parkersburg News and Sentinel Article

The anthology Riparian is featured in an article in the newspaper Parkersburg News and Sentinel, with local writers given mention.

Among the Enigmas by Robert Murphy

Michael Templeton Reviews Robert Murphy’s Among the Enigmas

I suppose I need to state at the outset that I do not write this post as an objective reader or observer. I was pulled into the poetry of Robert Murphy a long time ago,

Murder Death Resurrection by Eileen R. Tabios

Long essay in Jacket2: Eileen Tabios’s Murder Death Resurrection

Eileen Tabios on her book Murder Death Resurrection in Jacket2: “In 2013, I was weary of everything I’d written. So I decided to murder my poems — specifically twenty-seven poetry collections published up to that


Collected Works: Remembering Four Dos Madres Poets

An evening of remembrance and poetry necessarily entails a mood which is something of a sustained air of loss and celebration. I do not say mixture because the two competing conditions never fully resolve. Perhaps

Bonbonerie Poetry Lovers Dinner Event

Poetry Lover’s Dinner Event by Michael Templeton

Hosted by the Bonbonerie, the Poetry Lover’s Dinner Event featured three magnificent poets from the Dos Madre’s roster. Susan Glassmeyer, Pauletta Hansel, and Megan Hanson were assembled to read from their most recent books. Dinner

Earth and Cave by Michael Heller

Michael Heller is featured in Jacket2

Michael Heller (A Look at the Door with the Hinges Off, and Earth and Cave, and Constellations of Waking – soon to be published by Dos Madres late 2018, early 2019) is featured in the