Litanies Said Handedly by Ralph La Charity

Mike Templeton Interviews Ralph La Charity

After reading Litanies Said Handedly by Ralph La Charity, I decided to reach out to the man himself and see if I could get some of his thoughts in the form of an interview. We

The Natural History of a Blade by Philip Arnold

The Natural History of a Blade by Philip Arnold is reviewed in Boston Area Small Press & Poetry Scene

Marcia D. Ross reviews The Natural History of a Blade by Philip Arnonld in Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene: “Two important things about Philip Arnold’s poems: they are faithfully attentive to etymology, and

Mudança by Kevin Cutrer

Kevin Cutrer’s poem “The Flower Kissers” is a featured in Verse Daily

The poem “The Flower Kissers” appears in Verse Daily from Kevin Cutrer’s newest book of poems MUDANÇA. He is also the author of Lord’s Own Anointed.

Tiny Kites by Lucien Zell

Thoughts on Lucien Zell’s Tiny Kites by Michael Templeton

I’m just going to go ahead and admit that I love everything about this collection of poems, and I am now a confirmed fan of poet Lucien Zell. There, no pretense of objectivity from here

Riparian Edited by Sherry Cook Stanforth & Richard Hague

Readings from Riparian at the Mercantile Library

In his introductory reflections from Riparian¸ Richard Hague tells us it has been nearly forty years since we have seen an anthology of literary and artistic explorations of the Ohio River, and “it is time

Riparian Edited by Sherry Cook Stanforth & Richard Hague

Sherry Stanforth and Dick Hague, editors of the anthology Riparian are interviewed on WVXU

WVXU’s Barbara Gray interviews Dick Hague and Sherry Stanforth editors of Riparian an anthology of poetry, prose, and photography inspired by the Ohio River.

Gerard Nerval’s The Chimeras Translated by Henry Weinfield

Henry Weinfield’s Translation of Nerval’s The Chimeras Is Reviewed In Asymptote

Alexander Dickow’s essay on Henry Weinfield’s translation of Nerval’s The Chimeras is featured in Asymptote. Poets and their translators have often agonized over the exhausting task of translating the ineffable poetics of their work, of


Mike Templeton Reviews Pauletta Hansel’s And Dick Hague’s Prize Winning Entries In Still: The Journal’s Literary Competition

We mentioned in another post that Still: The Journal announced the winners of their literary prizes, and two of the winners are Pauletta Hansel and Richard Hague. Pauletta took first prize for her poem “Home

Riparian Edited by Sherry Cook Stanforth & Richard Hague

Riparian Appears in Parkersburg News and Sentinel Article

The anthology Riparian is featured in an article in the newspaper Parkersburg News and Sentinel, with local writers given mention.

Homunculus by Tony Brewer

Michael Templeton reviews Homunculus by Tony Brewer

Someone I once knew wanted me to listen to a song she thought was a beautiful love song. I listened and ruined everything when I said it wasn’t much of a love song since the