Mayhap by David Giannini

David Giannini’s Mayhap: Selected Brief Poems is reviewed in Blueline Magazine

Donald McNutt reviews David Giannini’s book of poems titled Mayhap: Selected Brief Poems in Blueline Magazine. From Blueline: A Literary Magazine Dedicated to the Spirit of the Adirondacks, Volume 41, pp. 109- 112. “David Giannini’s Mayhap:

Constellations of Waking by Michael Heller

Michael Heller’s Constellations of Waking is reviewed in the Chicago Review

Michael Heller’s libretto, Constellations of Waking, is reviewed by Eric Hoffman in the Chicago Review. Constellations of Waking, Michael Heller’s libretto for composer Ellen Fishman Johnson’s opera concerning the life and work of Weimar philosopher,

Field Light by Owen Lewis

Owen Lewis Reads At Chesterwood From His New Book Of Poems

Owen Lewis reads from his new book of poems Field Light. Chesterwood was the summer estate and studio of American sculptor Daniel Chester French located in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Most of French’s originally 150-acre estate is now

Refrain Series by Patrick Pritchett

Norman Finkelstein reviews Patrick Pritchett’s Refrain Series

Patrick Pritchett’s Refrain Series is reviewed by Norman Finkelstein on his blog, Restless Messengers: Poetry in Review. My review of Patrick Pritchett’s previous volume of poems, Orphic Noise, is called “The Poet Goes for Broke.” In light of

In Praise of Manhattan by David M. Katz

A New Blog From David M. Katz

David M. Katz author of Claims of Home, Stanzas on Oz, and In Praise of Manhattan, has begun a new and delightful poetry blog. Welcome to my world. Here you’ll find frequent poems and posts about

To Say The Least by J.R. Solonche

J.R. Solonche: three poems, three online journals.

J.R. Solonche has three poems that appear in the online journals Pif Magazine, The Brasilia Review, and One Sentence Poems.


Owen Lewis’s Field Light is reviewed in Stay Thirsty Magazine

Abriana Jetté reviews Owen Lewis’s new book of poems in the online journal Stay Thirsty Magazine. Owen Lewis is also the author of Sometimes Full of Daylight, Best Man, and Marriage Map. Like a kaleidoscope,

Library of My Hands by Joseph Heithaus

Joseph Heithaus is a featured poet for this month’s Tupelo Press’s 30-30 Project

Joseph Heithaus, author of Library Of My Hands is one of the featured poets for the month of July in Tupelo Press’s 30-30 project. Each month, volunteer poets run the equivalent of a “poetry marathon,”

Born With by Michael Daley

Michael Daley reads poems from his new book Born With

Michael Daley reads poems from his new book Born With.  

Crossing Mexico: Diario Mexicano by Donald Wellman

Donald Wellman’s Crossing Mexico: Diario Mexicano is reviewed in the Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene

Gregory Wolos reviews Donald Wellman’s Crossing Mexico: Diario Mexicano in the online journal Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene. Donald Wellman’s new work, Crossing Mexico: Diario Mexicano has transported me to Mexico, a place