Wings Apart by Burt Kimmelman

Wings Apart by Burt Kimmelman is reviewed by Meredith Sue Willis

Burt Kimmelman is also the author of There are Words, and The Way We Live. Wings Apart from the accomplished Burt Kimmelman (see my remarks on his last book of new poems) is his tenth

Writing in the Ether by Catherine Arra

Catharine Arra is interviewed by Kristen-Holt Browning

Catharine Arra is interviewed by Kristen-Holt Browning about her book Writing in the Ether. When I started writing poetry again a couple of years ago, after a decade-long lapse , one of the first people

Mayhap by David Giannini

David Giannini’s Mayhap is reviewed by Joseph Hutchison

David Giannini author of Faces Somewhere Wild, The Future Only Rattles When You Pick it Up, In a Moment We May Be Strangely Blended, has his latest book of poems, Mayhap, reviewed by Joseph Hutchison.

Sugar Maker Moon by Mary Kathryn Jablonski

Charlie Rossiter interviews Mary Kathryn Jablonski on the podcast “Poetry Spoken Here”

Mary Katherine Jablonski is interviewed about, as well as reads from, her book of poems Sugar Maker Moon.

Slowly Becoming Awake by Hank Lazer

Jake Marmer interviews Hank Lazer for Tablet

Hank Lazer author of Slowly Becoming Awake is interviewed by Jake Marmer in Tablet’s Arts and Culture section: “I’m a Jew and a Buddhist living in the Deep South. I feel compelled to define what

Magellan's Reveries by R. Nemo Hill

Dennis Daly reviews R. Nemo Hill’s Magellan’s Reveries

R. Nemo Hill’s Magellan’s Reveries is reviewed by Dennis Daly in Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene. “Perhaps life’s never-ending voyage? Perhaps the tidal pull of infinity? Perhaps an ekphrastic exercise of love? R.

Everything Gets Old by Grace Curtis

Grace Curtis’s poem, “The Lady in the Iron Mask” is featured in Verse Daily

Grace Curtis’s poem, “The Lady in the Iron Mask“, from her latest book of poetry Everything Gets Old is a featured Poem Of The Day in Verse Daily. Grace Curtis is also author of The Shape

Child with a Swan's Wings by Daniel Shapiro

Daniel Shapiro is interviewed in Interlitq

“Daniel Shapiro is author of the poetry collections The Red Handkerchief and Other Poems (2014), Woman at the Cusp of Twilight (2016), and Child with a Swan’s Wings (2018), all published by Dos Madres Press.

Ravenna Diagram by Henry Gould

Henry Gould’s Ravenna Diagram, Volume II is reviewed by Billy Mills

Billy Mills reviews Henry Gould’s Ravenna Diagram, Volume II in his online blog, Elliptical Movements: “And so, it seems I was wrong. In my review of the first volume of Henry Gould’s long, and as

Murder Death Resurrection by Eileen R. Tabios

Long essay in Jacket2: Eileen Tabios’s Murder Death Resurrection

Eileen Tabios on her book Murder Death Resurrection in Jacket2: “In 2013, I was weary of everything I’d written. So I decided to murder my poems — specifically twenty-seven poetry collections published up to that