Born With by Michael Daley

Michael Daley’s Born With is reviewed in “Our Coast Weekend, Arts and Entertainment Weekly”.

Born With by Michael Daley is reviewed by the Bookmonger (Barbara Lloyd McMichael) “. . . Not too many miles away on the neighboring Fidalgo Island, Michael Daley also dedicates himself to poetry. As one


Diane Kendig reviews three Dos Madres books of poetry in Charge Magazine

Diane Kendig reviews Leonard Trawick’s A 24-Hour Cotillion, Cathy Essinger’s The Apricot And The Moon, and Anne Whitehouse’s Outside from the Inside. Dos Madres Press, a small press in Ohio run by Editor Robert J.

Friend by Pauletta Hansel

Pauletta Hansel’s Friend is reviewed by Meredith Sue Willis

Bonnie Proudfoot reviews Pauletta Hansel’s new book of poetry titled Friend on the Meredith Sue Willis’s Blog. “In early March of 2020, just before the Covid-19 pandemic began to make itself known, Pauletta Hansel, former Cincinnati

Friend by Pauletta Hansel

An interview with Pauletta Hansel: I’ve Got Questions for Pauletta Hansel

Clifford Garstang has questions for Pauletta Hansel about her latest book of poetry, Friend.  Pauletta Hansel is also the author of First Person, What I Did There, Tangle, Palindrome, and Coal Town Photograph. In a


Reading by Norman Finkelstein and Henry Weinfield via Zoom on February 9, 2021

Henry Weinfield reads from his latest book of poetry As the Crow Flies, and Norman Finkelstein reads from his own most recent book of poetry In A Broken Star.

Milky Way Accent by Bob Snyder

Bob Snyder’s book of poems Milky Way Accent is reviewed in the Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene

Gregory J. Wolos reviews Bob Snyder’s book of poems Milky Way Accent in the Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene. “Bob Snyder, whose poems are gathered in Milky Way Accent, died twenty-five years ago.

Fever by Irene Mitchell

Marcia Ross reviews Irene Mitchell’s book of poetry, Fever.

“The temperature in Irene Mitchell’s stunning new collection of poems, Fever, holds steady throughout at about 101.5°. give or take an occasional cooling breeze. Mitchell’s excitingly named book makes several mentions of the word in poems

The Facts at Dog Tank Spring by Andrew Schelling

Paul E. Nelson talks with author Andrew Schelling about his new book The Facts at Dog Tank Spring

The Facts at Dog Tank Spring is Andrew Schelling’s first book of poetry in seven years. Following his folkloric study Tracks Along the Left Coast, his new book speaks largely to an American West lying inland: the

Outside from the Inside by Anne Whitehouse

Anne Whitehouse is interviewed in Mass Poetry

Mass Poetry interviews Anne Whitehouse concerning her poetry and her most recent book of poems, Outside from the Inside. Anne Whitehouse is also the author of The Refrain, and Meteor Shower. When did you first

Milky Way Accent by Bob Snyder

Michael Templeton Reviews Milky Way Accent by Bob Snyder

By a stroke of dumb luck, I happened to finally begin Bob Snyder’s Milky Way Accent just as I finished The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolano. These things may seem as far apart as one