Wind Farm by Jeff Gundy

Mike Templeton Reviews Wind Farm – Landscape With Stories and Towers by Jeff Gundy

In Jeff Gundy’s Wind Farm: Landscape with Stories and Towers, we get to travel from a nearly anonymous small rural town somewhere in the rural Midwest all the way to Alpha Centauri. We learn about

The Parting Present / Lo que se irá by Manuel Iris

Manuel Iris interviewed about his book of poetry The Parting Present

Lit Youngstown student intern Katelyn Urs asks poet-in-residence Manuel Iris three questions about his new book The Parting Present (Dos Madres Press, 2021). Katelyn: The theme of writing and the motif of silence connect in

The Stones of Lifta by Marc Kaminsky

The Stones of Lifta is reviewed in The Manhattan Review.

Rick Larious reviews the Stones of Lifta by Marc Kaminsky in The Manhattan Review. “We would call it a ghost town. Lifta is a village of stone homes on a steep hill outside the gates

Vanishing Points by Gary Metras

Gary Metras’s Vanishing Points is reviewed in the Daily Hamphire Gazette

Steve Pfarrer reviews Gary Metras’s book of poems Vanishing Points in the Daily Hampshire Gazette. “Gary Metras, Easthampton’s first poet laureate, has long made the natural world a central part of his poems, including the woods, fields


Leonard Trawick and John Tripoulas are featured on Cultural Daily

Bunkong Tong interviews poets Leonard Trawick and John Tripoulas on Cultural Daily’s Poets on Craft series. Poets on Craft is a cyberspace for contemporary poets to share their thoughts and ideas on the process of


5 Short Reviews of Dos Madres Books

Five Dos Madres books are reviewed by Alan Catlin in Misfit Magazine. George Kalamaras, We Slept the Animal: Letters from the American West Kalamaras picks up where Richard Hugo left off in 31 Letters and 13 Dreams.

Many to Remember by Rachel Kaufman

Many to Remember by Rachel Kauffman is reviewed in the online journal Tablet

Jake Marmer reviews Rachel Kauffman’s Many to Remember in the online journal Tablet. Poetry and history can seem like perfect foils. History aims toward precision and accuracy; poetry tends to favor ambiguity and subjectivity. If

Child with a Swan's Wings by Daniel Shapiro

Daniel Shapiro’s Child With A Swan’s Wings is reviewed in American Book Review

Elizabeth Cohen reviews Daniel Shapiro’s Child With A Swan’s Wings in the May/June 2020 issue of American Book Review. Oh, to be the poet Daniel Shapiro! The whimsical narrative poems in Child with a Swan’s

Living with a Visionary by John Matthias

John Matthias’s Living With A Visionary is reviewed in Fortnightly Review

Peter Robinson reviews John Matthias’s Living With A Visionary in The Fortnightly Review. THE OPENING PROP­O­SI­TION in Lud­wig Witt­gen­stein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophocus asserts, ‘Die Welt is alles, was der Fall ist.’ ‘The world is everything that is the case’,

Born With by Michael Daley

Hear Michael Daley interviewed on KTAH 101.9 Radio Tacoma

Michael Daley is interviewed on the show Sound Poetry by David Gilmore on KTAH 101.9 Radio Tacoma. Michael Daley is author of Born With and has an upcoming book of poems title Reinhabited to be