Igor Webb author of Christopher Smart’s Cat is interviewed on YouTube by Vince Passaro.

The Future Only Rattles When You Pick It Up by David Giannini

David Giannini author of Faces Somewhere Wild, and The Future Only Rattles When You Pick It Up  along with Robert Murphy of Dos Madres Press is interviewed by Dante di Stephano for Best American Poetry. The following is an excerpt from the interview. Dante Di Stefano: How did Dos Madres come into being? Robert Murphy: Like […]

Pyrrhonic by Stephanie Erdman

Twyckenham Notes writes of Stephanie Erdman author of Pyrrhonic: “We have the pleasure of introducing Stephanie L. Erdman, a Professor of English at Lake Michigan College with degrees from Purdue University and Indiana University South Bend. She lives in Niles, Michigan working as a vacuum cleaner technician by day, sneaking across the border to Indiana by […]

Litanies Said Handedly by Ralph LaCharity

Tyrone William interviews Ralph La Charity in Dispatches From the Poetry Wars. Ralph La Charity is also author of Farwellia A La Aralee, and most recently. Litanies Said Handedly.

Dos Madres Press is proud to announce that Cincinnati’s first Poet Laureate, Pauletta Hansel has won the Weatherford Award for best Appalachian writing in the genre of poetry for her book Palindrome.

The Future Only Rattles When You Pick It Up by David Giannini

Mass Poetry interviews David Giannini about his new book of poems, The Future Only Rattles When You Pick It Up. David Giannini is also the author of Faces Somewhere Wild.

Stignatz & The User of Vicenza by Rick Mullin

Rick Mullin’s poem “February” from his book of poems Stignatz & the User of Vicenza, is featured in Autumn Sky Poetry – Daily. Rick Mullin is also the the author of Soutine, Coelacanth. Sonnets from the Voyage of the Beagle, and Transom.

The first in a series of blogs by Pauletta Hansel on the poets craft. Pauletta Hansel is Cincinnati’s first Poet Laureate.

Plaintive Music by Ron Domen

Verse Daily has featured Ron Domen’s poem “The Owl in the Woodwork” from his new book of poems Plaintive Music. Ron was also reviewed for the NYU School of Medicine data base in the Literature and Arts section.

Richard Hague’s 2017 book of poems Studied Days – Poems Early and Late in Appalachia, and Pauletta Hansel’s 2017. Palindrome are given mention in City Beat’s Notable Regional Books feature. (Richard Hague is also author of Burst – Poems Quickly, During the Recent Extinctions, Where Drunk Men Go, and Beast, River, Drunk Men, Garden, Burst, […]

A Word for It by Warren Slesinger

The poem “Margin” from Warren Slesinger’s new book of poems, A Word for It, is Poetry Daily’s featured poem for November 25, 2017.

Studied Days - Poems Early & Late in Appalachia by Richard Hague

“Keeping Watch” a poem from his latest book, Studied Days – Poems Early and Late in Appalachia was featured November 9, 2017 in Verse Daily. Richard Hague is also the author of Burst – Poems Quickly, During the Recent Extinctions, Where Drunk Men Go, and Beasts, River, Drunk Men, Garden, Burst, and Light – Sequences and […]

Pauletta Hansel author of First Person, What I Did There, and Tangle, has a poem, “Portrait of My Mother as a Dried Sunflower”, featured in Verse Daily from her newest book of poems, Palindrome.

Dos Madres Press is featured on this week’s Ohio Arts Council blog! Read about our newest funded project, the Ohio Appalachian Writers’ Project, with books by Richard Hague, Pauletta Hansel and our collaboration with Pine Mountain Sand & Gravel literary journal. Thanks to the Ohio Arts Council in the giving of financial support to Dos […]

John Mathias’s Revolutions is reviewed by Brian Ng.

William Bronk (1918 -1999) Winner of the 1982 American Book Award for Life Supports. Of whom Hayden Carruth wrote in the New York Times Book Review concerning his work, “They are poems I would have liked to have written, which I say without envy, as one does in the face of transient perfection.” Find the full […]