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Born With by Michael Daley

Michael Daley’s poem “Born With” is featured in the online journal A Longhouse Birdhouse

“Born With” the title poem from Michael Daley’s new book of Born With is featured in A Longhouse Birdhouse.  

Mayhap by David Giannini

David Giannini’s poem, “The Sorrow of Animals and Ourselves is featured on Straw Dog Writer’s Guild

David Giannini has a poem featured on Straw Dog Writer’s Guild.

Born With by Michael Daley

Michael Daley’s poem “Denied a Certain Reach of Joy” is featured in

“Denied a Certain Reach of Joy” from Michael Dayley’s new book of poems Born With, is featured in the online journal

Child with a Swan's Wings by Daniel Shapiro

Daniel Shapiro’s poem “The Ostrich” is featured in Literal Magazine

Literal Magazine – Latin Amercan Voices / Voices Latinamericas recently featured Daniel Shapiro’s poem “The Ostrich”.    

Among the Enigmas by Robert Murphy

Barbara Gray interviews Robert Murphy on WVXU for National Poetry Month

Robert Murphy and Barbara Gray discuss his new book of poems Among the Enigmas on WVXU for National Poetry Month.

In Praise of Manhattan by David M. Katz

David M. Katz reads from his newest book, In Praise of Manhattan

“In Memory of Dick Allen”, read by David M. Katz from his newest book of poems, In Praise of Manhattan.

Mudança by Kevin Cutrer

Kevin Cutrer’s poem “The Flower Kissers” is a featured in Verse Daily

The poem “The Flower Kissers” appears in Verse Daily from Kevin Cutrer’s newest book of poems MUDANÇA. He is also the author of Lord’s Own Anointed.


Pauletta Hansel and Dick Hague are winners in Still: The Journal’s 2019 Literary Contest

The winners in their perspective categories of Poetry and Creative Nonfiction are: In Poetry Pauletta Hansel won for, “Home Is the Place Where, When You Have to Go There, You Only Think About How to

Marriage Map by Owen Lewis

Owen Lewis Discusses Poetry on Talk Medicine

Owen Lewis author of Marriage Map, Best Man, and Sometimes Full of Daylight, is featured in a recent “Talk Medicine” podcast from the British Medical Journal, titled “The Power of Poetry”. In this podcast, Clinical Psychiatrist

Sugar Maker Moon by Mary Kathryn Jablonski

“Mare Frigoris”, a poem from Mary Kathryn Jablonksi’s new book of poetry Sugar Maker Moon is featured on Verse Daily.

Mary Kathryn Jablonksi’s poem, “Mare Frigoris” from her new book of poems, Sugar Maker Moon, is a featured poem on Verse Daily.