Litanies Said Handedly by Ralph LaCharity

Joseph Tomain reviewed Ralph La Charity’s Litanies said Handedly: Poetry, Collage, & Performance in the September issue of Galatea Resurrects. (Ralph La Charity is also the author of Farewellia a la Aralee)

Revolutions – A Collaboration, poems by John Mathias and artwork by Jean Dibble, with critical commentary by Robert Archambeau is reviewed by by Ralph La Charity (author of Farewellia a La Aralee, and Litanies Said Handedly) in Galatea Resurrects.

Ralph La Charity participated in a memorial “reading” in honor of poet Bill Shively.

Ralph La Charity will perform from Farewellia a la Aralee, Monday evening (7PM, 10th of November 2014 ) as featured poet at Bossy Grrl’s PinUp Joint, 2598 North High Street in Columbus OH.

Barbara Gray interviews Ralph La Charity.  He performs poems from his book Farewellia a la Aralee in tribute to poet Aralee Strange.

Tyrone Williams (Futures/Elections, and The Life of Pi) writes about Ralph La Charity’s Farewellia a la Aralee in Jacket2.