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Wind Farm by Jeff Gundy

Mike Templeton Reviews Wind Farm – Landscape With Stories and Towers by Jeff Gundy

In Jeff Gundy’s Wind Farm: Landscape with Stories and Towers, we get to travel from a nearly anonymous small rural town somewhere in the rural Midwest all the way to Alpha Centauri. We learn about

Asylum Garden - after Van Gogh by Alan Catlin

Michael Templeton Reviews Asylum Garden – after Van Gogh by Alan Catlin

I am loath to use a well-worn literary term to describe a working poet, but Alan Caitlin’s poetry keeps forcing the idea of imagism throughout much of Asylum Garden: after Van Gogh. Perhaps if we

Litanies Said Handedly by Ralph La Charity

Mike Templeton Interviews Ralph La Charity

After reading Litanies Said Handedly by Ralph La Charity, I decided to reach out to the man himself and see if I could get some of his thoughts in the form of an interview. We


Mike Templeton Reviews Pauletta Hansel’s And Dick Hague’s Prize Winning Entries In Still: The Journal’s Literary Competition

We mentioned in another post that Still: The Journal announced the winners of their literary prizes, and two of the winners are Pauletta Hansel and Richard Hague. Pauletta took first prize for her poem “Home