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Reading by Norman Finkelstein and Henry Weinfield via Zoom on February 9, 2021

Henry Weinfield reads from his latest book of poetry As the Crow Flies, and Norman Finkelstein reads from his own most recent book of poetry In A Broken Star.


Two Henry Weinfield poems, “When the Dark Days Come”, and “As the Crow Flies” are featured in The David M. Katz Poetry Blog

David Katz introduces Henry Weinfield’s “When the Dark Days Come”, and “As the Crow Flies”, both appearing in The David M. Katz Poetry Blog. When the dark days come, what will remain?” Henry Weinfield was

Gerard Nerval’s The Chimeras Translated by Henry Weinfield

Henry Weinfield’s Translation of Nerval’s The Chimeras Is Reviewed In Asymptote

Alexander Dickow’s essay on Henry Weinfield’s translation of Nerval’s The Chimeras is featured in Asymptote. Poets and their translators have often agonized over the exhausting task of translating the ineffable poetics of their work, of