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A Map and One Year by Karen L. George

Karen George’s A Map and One Year is engaged by Eileen Tabios in Galatea Resurrects

A Map and One Year by Karen George is given review by Eileen Tabios in the online journal Galatea Resurrects. Eileen Tabios is author of INVENT[ST]ORY, and Murder Death Resurrection. “Sometimes, we poet-as-readers are such

Invisible Fish by Susan Glassmeyer

Eileen Tabios engages Susan Glassmeyer’s Invisible Fish

Eileen Tabios editor of Galatea Resurrects reviews Karen Glassmeyer’s new book of poems Invisible Fish. Eileen Tabios is the author of INVENT[ST]ORY and Murder Death Resurrection.

Murder Death Resurrection by Eileen R. Tabios

Eileen Tabios’s “poetry generator”, Murder Death Resurrection is reviewed in Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene

Eileen Tabios’s Murder Death Resurrection is reviewed by Zvi A. Sesling in Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene.

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