Stephanie Erdman author of Pyrrhonic is interviewed in Twyckenham Notes

Twyckenham Notes writes of Stephanie Erdman author of Pyrrhonic:

“We have the pleasure of introducing Stephanie L. Erdman, a Professor of English at Lake Michigan College with degrees from Purdue University and Indiana University South Bend. She lives in Niles, Michigan working as a vacuum cleaner technician by day, sneaking across the border to Indiana by night, and occasionally teaching private writing workshops.

In this interview, we discuss Stephanie’s first full-length collection of poems, Pyrrhonic, and learn about her relation of poetry to the nature of reality (think metaphysics, mathematics) as well as her very specific writing methods. And ultimately, Stephanie gives her answer to the question of, in consideration of the scope of the cosmic timeline (think the eventual death of our sun – yikes!), why should we aspire to write poetry in the first place? What role does poetry play in this seemingly infinite reality we inhabit?”

Posted by Dos Madres Press