Soul Growing edited by Quanita Roberson


In Soul Growing – Wisdom for thirteen year old boys from men around the world Quanita serves as host, bringing together men from around the world to help support boys 13 years old and older.

Quanita says: “A young man that I know had his 13th birthday and I wanted to acknowledge this important rite of passage in his life by sending him words of advice from men that I knew. Little did I realize when I sent out this request for advice what amazing gifts would come from it, not just for the young man but for all who participated in this project. I love what happened here without us even being aware of it. I showed up and used my power to create space for the men to use their wisdom and they filled that space with more love then I could have imagined.”


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  • Date Published: August, 2015
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Soul Growing is a love offering to young men, the men who love them, and to men still learning how to love. It is indeed a pocketful of gems! —Ruth King, author of The Emotional Wisdom Cards and Healing Rage

What a gentle and appropriate gift for the 13 year old boy in your life… These quotes are offered in a tone and level of complexity that boys can relate to, and men can remember and recite to the boy within. —Christina Baldwin, author of Storycatcher and Life’s Companion


Ward Mailliard
Watsonville, California

Hmmmmm………Advice……………Listen with curiosity and some caution to advice from well meaning adults. We all have unfinished business that we hope someone will take care of. If you want to be happy (and I mean this) loving relationships and serving something greater than yourself are the keys. If you want to be successful show up, pay attention, contribute. I’ve probably already gone over the limit of what is useful. Don’t forget to have fun!


The men who have contributed to this book are businessmen, politicians, artist, teachers, engineers, policemen, writers, and activist. They were born and raised in the United States, Canada, India, Egypt,  Australia, North Korea, Brazil, Cameroon, Israel, Jamaica, and Ethiopia. They have been many things to me, my friends, brothers, cousins, teachers, students, classmates, dance partners, life partners, community children, clients, mentors, and guides. They range in age from their 20s to their 70s. They represent different religious experiences and different sexual orientations. I am in awe of their presence in the world and feel so incredibly blessed to know each and every one of them. They have crossed my path during various times in my life and have taught me more about the gifts of the masculine. Through them I have been able to strengthen my relationship to the masculine inside of me and out in the world.


Quanita RobersonQuanita Roberson, MA

Quanita Roberson is the Founder and Director of Nzuzu (, a personal and professional development resource dedicated to addressing embedded trauma through healing workshops, retreats, and rituals including the Global Day of Grieving for Descendants of Slaves.

As a spiritual teacher, writer, facilitator, speaker and integral life coach, Quanita inspires people to embrace self-awareness and self-acceptance. She knows the power of personal story as medicine, and she collects and shares the medicine stories of others along with her own.

Quanita has been working as a life coach for over 10 years, and holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Management and Development, with a concentration in Integral Theory.

Quanita is a native and resident of Cincinnati, Ohio, and the mother of two children of the millennial generation.

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