Realms of the Mothers: The First Decade of Dos Madres Press


Dos Madres Press is pleased to announce the publication of an anthology of poems from its first ten years. Edited by Richard Hague, Realms of The Mothers contains work by sixty-eight poets from throughout the United States and beyond. Hague says of the anthology, “It is not possible to generalize about all these Dos Madres poets, beyond claiming their universal mastery of craft. Beyond that, the diversity of theme, subject, form, diction, and speaker echoes what I, a former collector of beetles, loved about the insect order Coleoptera: a tremendous range of size, structure, color, habitat, life cycle… Likewise, Realms of the Mothers shows in the domain of poetry a rapturous fondness for, and extensive expression of, a similarly multifarious creation.”


  • Kind: Perfectbound
  • Pages: 382
  • Language: English
  • Date Published: December, 2016
  • ISBN: 978-1-939929-70-9

Realms of the Mothers: The First Decade of Dos Madres Press is made possible with funding from the Ohio Arts Council and ArtsWave. Add your support to the work of Dos Madres Press. All who make a tax deductible donation of one hundred dollars by December 31, 2016 will receive a copy of the anthology as well as a book from the first decade.


Mary Margaret Alvarado
John Anson
Jennifer Arin
Michael Autrey
Paul Bray
Ann Cefola
Jon Curley
Grace Curtis
Sara Dailey
Dennis Daly
Richard Darabaner
Deborah Diemont
Joseph Donahue
Annie Finch
Norman Finkelstein
Karen George
Gerry Grubbs
Richard Hague
Ruth D. Handel
Pauletta Hansel
Michael Heller
Michael Henson
R. Nemo Hill
W. Nick Hill
Eric Hoffman
James Hogan
Keith Holyoak
Nancy Kassell
David M. Katz
Sherry Kearns
Burt Kimmelman
Ralph La Charity
Pamela L. Laskin
Owen Lewis
Richard Luftig
Austin MacRae
Mario Markus
J. Morris
Patricia Monaghan
Rick Mullin
Fred Muratori
Robert Murphy
Pam O’Brien
Peter O’Leary
Bea Opengart
David A. Petreman
Paul Pines
Don Schofield
David Schloss
Daniel Shapiro
Murray Shugars
Jason Shulman
Maxine Silverman
Lianne Spidel
Olivia Stiffler
Carole Stone
Nathan Swartzendruber
Jean Syed
Madeline Tiger
James Tolan
Brian Volck
Henry Weinfield
Donald Wellman
Sarah White
Anne Whitehouse
Martin Willitts Jr
Tyrone Williams
Kip Zegers

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