Opaque Projectionist by Nathan Swartzendruber


What we imagine may not change the world, but it changes us. Here are poems of cooked up history, birds and houses pricked into sentience by a moment’s doubt, where a memory that is faulty but sure can alter the past as easily as it cancels a future.

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  • Kind: Chapbook
  • Pages: 23
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-1-933675-37-4

An Excerpt

Kijabe Hill

We were so easily mistaken by the night,
stars shining off the steel railroad ties
we followed down to the valley hills
vague as velcro, that to look up and see
them all, the host ready to swallow whole,
displayed a night too eager for possession.


NATHAN SWARTZENDRUBER is the literary editor of ‘Shinwhacker,’ which combines photography and the written word. Nathan’s poetry recently appeared in the literary journal Smartish Pace and the online Marsh Hawk Press Review.

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