Litanies Said Handedly by Ralph LaCharity


an obscure-side apprenticeship, akin to learning pick-pocketry ;
a dark economy guild of seers & sounders

a practitioner of call/caul poetics, a self-embodied variorum; a calling forth from within fused with a calling out of the surround, this transactional dynamic yielding a utility of rare gas bases for actualizing the Body Poetique; a Harm’s Way Yoga of public poet alchemizing …

the shapeliness of form worn as sound cloak;
poet-sound as raiment visibly effecting, with residues that, despite being transitory & palpably temporary, do yet glow invitational & embracingly inclusive, at least for the duration of the given stand & deliver performative engagement

the book of poetry, this book of poetry, being an assemblage of Ever-Dance, the shards captured mid-melt as scored scourings meant for the tongue-trigger emptying forth of an early dog days evening : and taking all of 90 minutes to accomplish, off the top…

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Book Description

  • Kind: Perfectbound
  • Pages: 158
  • Language: English
  • Date Published: March, 2017
  • ISBN: 978-1-939929-59-4

An Excerpt from Litanies Said Handedly

or, choosing to re-member memory’s Made

the least important thing about
a poem’s what it’s saying which
is why it doesn’t have to
say anything yes
it does have to mean but it
doesn’t have to mean
what it says

it’s important to get lost in a poem not
because you can get lost in a poem but
because lost is something that can
be gotten in a poem & it is

this begotten that’s the most
important thing, the one thing that
makes getting lost in saying nothing matter :

Makars commune with the dead & artists
who’ve brought back are who’ve
brought back from the Other side

About the Author

Ralph LaCharityRalph La Charity’s first book of poetry was MONKEY OPERA, published in 1979 as a joint effort by San Francisco’s Bench Press and Kent, Ohio’s Shelly’s Press. His most recent flat spine book prior to this one in hand was FAREWELLIA a la Aralee, published in 2014 by Dos Madres Press of Loveland, Ohio.