Forms of Life by Eric Hoffman


This newest collection from celebrated poet Eric Hoffman, comprised of forty discrete sections, is a powerful and stark rumination on human economy, public and private, personal and impersonal, a haunting exploration of the struggle for survival in uncertain times. Utilizing sources as diverse as Thomas Malthus and Bruegel the Elder, Hoffman, with his distinctive subtlety, clarity, and concision, has written a precise, allegorical meditation on the forces of power, coercion, and exploitation that bind us, and the redemption of charity, love and community that offer us perhaps our only true freedom from the chains of history.


  • Kind: Perfectbound
  • Pages: 58
  • Language: English
  • Date Published: August, 2015
  • ISBN: 978-1-939929-38-9


“Eric Hoffman’s poems deserve to be better and more widely-known.” —Eileen TabiosGalatea Resurrects

“[Hoffman’s] poems are sharp-eyed and agile and teeming with surprise.” —Patrick PritchettWriting the Messianic

“The quality of the verse… is undeniable; there are great pleasures to be had in Hoffman’s lines.” —Jason RanekSmartish Pace



We are in a savage state
despite our fair-sounding words,
the noble plumage of genius –

All we have are exertions
and some sleep –
Laughter that wounds all memory, a little death


Eric HoffmanEric Hoffman is the author of Oppen: A Narrative, a biography of poet George Oppen, and eleven collections of poetry, including By the Hours, The American Eye, and Life At Braintree, all published by Dos Madres Press. Together with Dominick Grace, he has edited three volumes of the University Press of Mississippi’s Conversations with Comic Artists series, Dave Sim: Conversations, Chester Brown: Conversations, and Seth: Conversations. He lives in Connecticut with his wife Robin and son Sailor.

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