C. S. Rafinesque: A Field Guide by Joe and Steve Winhusen


Sumptuously illustrated, “C.S. Rafinesque: A Field Guide” centers on the life and accomplishments of the Nineteenth Century naturalist, Constantine Rafinesque. A French polymath without academic credentials, Rafinesque invented himself in the American wilderness as a professor of medicine and botany at a time when America was inventing itself  and the discipline of natural philosophy was inventing itself into what we now call “science”. An early advocate of “evolution,” Rafinesque’s work would later prove useful to Darwin in his “On the Origin of Species”. Taking inspiration from nature illustration, the book brings to life not only the naturalist but a variety of fauna and flora named by him from spiderwort to hickory and from newts to curlews.


  • Kind: Hardbound
  • Pages: 156
  • Language: English
  • Date Published: May, 2022
  • ISBN 978-0-578-86028-2


C.S.Rafinesque: A Field Guide Excerpt


Joe is an artist and art educator based in Indianapolis. In addition to many works and several shows, he is the creator of “The Blue Chip City Book of the Dead.”  He has created works in many mediums, most recently using photographic decals fused to porcelain and photographic images realized on aluminum.


Steve is a family physician living on the west side of Cincinnati with his wife April and son Daniel. He is author of “The Blue Chip City Book of the Dead.”

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