Blood Vertigo by Ralph La Charity


BLOOD VERTIGO, as words yoked, is a construct that carries a lot of connotative weight, the way those two extraordinary words work when bound together. With BLOOD VERTIGO, the oral nature of the poetry is not so foregrounded… what BLOOD VERTIGO’s movement insists upon is what is both internal and hair-raising about the workings of poetry thru Time.
This is a book that takes Time.

This book insists upon Time being both now AND then, the way the blood of the poet records what is happening as a function of Time being experienced as a disorienting enjambment wherein composition is somewhat at the mercy of multiple coterminous consciousness streams. Most of the poetry herein is current to the last couple of years, while some of it hearkens decades back, to earlier eras of the poet’s compositional practice, and the resulting contrast is both utile and harrowing. The poet is awake within that disruption, is awake TO that disruption, and will use such disruption as a palpable cumulative influence on both the flow of the book’s contents AND on the line-by-line making of each individual poem… which is why there is so much variation to both the themes and methods the poems in this book employ. The challenge with regard to the book’s design aspects has to do with finding a visual way to address that Mystery which is at the book’s core, the book’s Essence in fact : Time itself is the specific charismatic turbulence that the poet’s Muse submerges his poet’s Need to compose within . . .

Honor that bloody, vertiginous Mystery, o Poet.


  • Kind: Perfectbound
  • Pages: 184
  • Language: English
  • Date Published: May, 2019
  • ISBN: 978-1-948017-36-7


Until morale improves

the cluttering of often began repeatedly as
a trusted room entered accompanied
in a land of autonomous care, taken

the moral of another middling yarn
might lightly betrod eas’ly :
I was already from your past
the first time we met & the last
time you were from our morrows

in the Rip Tide Time there are certain
cities – San Francisco springs to mind –
these are the easiest ones to miss, whether’d :

can you stay there long enough to follow
thru smoothly stricken : his poems
elegant tho’ they frequently were
came weighted down with cultural cladding

a failing common to that model


Ralph La CharityFor better than 45 years, Ralph La Charity has been an Open Poetry agitator/participant across America’s abundant hide. He currently bills himself as a poet in private practice. This book, his third from Dos Madres Press, is his seventh poetry volume overall :

1979 co-published Bench Press & Kent Area Poet’s Shelly’s Press, art & printing by Ken Muenzenmayer
1980 co-published Bench Press & After Hour Press in collaboration with visual artist Carl Filkorn
1980 Catcher Press, art & printing by Ken Muenzenmayer
1985 Black Heron Press, in collaboration with visual artists Aholaah Arzah & Michael McCafferty
2014 Dos Madres Press, Ralph La Charity, all color collages
2017 Dos Madres Press, Ralph La Charity, all color collages

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