Behind the Eyes by David Schloss



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  • Language: English
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“His best poems are lucid…. often emotionally moving without pandering to sentiment. He writes with utter sincerity and scathing irony, often within the same poem…. a complexity brought on by the human character of his poems. The reader is both moved and enlarged.” —Jon Anderson


In Consequence

“It was the first bite,” you think,
“we’ve kept up for the sake
of the short end of the stick…”
And then, for long moments,
you’re exhausted, in bed,
head full of injustices,
struck by the good you could do,
or the good god could do you,
without sin every night.


David SchlossDAVID SCHLOSS was born in Brooklyn, NY, in 1944, and attended Columbia, U.S.C. Cinema School, Brooklyn College and The Iowa Writers Workshop (MFA, 1967). He has been a Professor of English, first at Cincinnati, 1968-74, then Miami (OH), 1974– .
His books and chapbooks include: The Beloved (Ashland, 1973); Legends (Windmill, 1976); Sex Lives of the Poor and Obscure (Carnegie Mellon, 2001; Greatest Hits (Pudding House, 2004); and Group Portrait From Hell (Carnegie Mellon, forthcoming, 2006). His poems have appeared in two Poetry magazine anthologies, and scores of other literary journals and anthologies over the years, plus a few essays on contemporary poetry and film. He lives in Cincinnati with his wife, Kay Sloan, a writer, and their daughter, Signe. They are currently in Luxembourg for the 2005-6 academic year.

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