Already Long Ago by David Giannini


The poems in this book are selected from a year’s worth of work in writing lyric and narrative poems, songs, prosepoems, hybrid haibun, short and long-lined haiku. There are five sections, discrete sets of concerns working together toward an overall envisioning. An intuitive reader will know how the poems work with and off one another, set –to-set. It is one work, whole, a year within it, but not in terms of its chronology. Every part, each poem, refers in some measure, to every other part. As Jean-Luc Godard said of his medium, “A film consists of a beginning, a middle and an end, though not necessarily in that order.”

from “Tribute”:

Every time a poet lies down
there are many poets in the body trying to rise.

Some will think of tall pines—


  • Kind: Perfectbound
  • Pages: 108
  • Language: English
  • Date Published:  June, 2023
  • ISBN: 978-1-953252-79-1


After News of Robert Bly’s Death.

Every time a poet lies down
there are many poets in the body trying to rise.

Some will think of tall pines—

this pinecone saved in our house
once fell in Russia, onto Pasternak’s grave.

Today, I found it fallen onto nails

kept in a handy cookie tin, no lid,
an old gift on metal bodies.

Every time a poet lies down for the last time

there are nails underneath
and tall trees swaying overhead—

for now, there is only this

old pinecone
and Silence in the Snowy Fields.


David GianniniDavid Giannini’s most recent full-length collections of poetry include The Dawn of Nothing Important; In a Moment We May Be Strangely Blended; Mahap; The Future Only Rattles When You Pick It Up; and Faces Somewhere Wild. He was twice nominated for the Pulitzer Prize and The National Book Award. Porous Borders, a book of prosepoems, was published by Spuyten Duyvil Press in 2017.) Numerous chapbooks of his poems and prosepoems have been published by a variety of small presses through the years, and his poetry has been published in national and international magazines and anthologies. He received Massachusetts Artists Fellowship Awards; The Osa and Lee Mays Award For Poetry; an award for prosepoetry from the University of Florida; a Finalist Award from the Naugatuck Review, and a Finalist Award for the James Hearst Poetry Prize of The North American Poetry Review in 2021. He has been a gravedigger; beekeeper; taught at Williams College, The University of Massachusetts, and Berkshire Community College, and he taught preschoolers and high school students, among others. Giannini was the Lead Rehabilitation Counselor for Compass Center, which he co-founded as the first rehabilitation clubhouse for severely and chronically mentally ill adults in the northwest corner of Connecticut.

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