A Cadence of Despair by Tenneson Woolf


Tenneson shares deeply personal material that maps a relationship with despair — from pain, grief, shame, and loss to hints and insights, to another depth of grief, to the arrival of the simple, birth, and new life.

We depend on poets to point in the direction of the unsayable. Facing trouble is an exercise in creativity. There are times in life when we are compelled on a journey, when grief pulls us into impossible ordeals, and when we have to leave our old insufficient selves behind. Through his poems, Tenneson invites such a passage. He knows that going through impossibly hard things with perseverance and courage is what can bring us together as human family.


  • Kind: Perfectbound
  • Pages: 242
  • Language: English
  • Date Published: 2020, Centre-Spoke Publishing
  • ISBN 978-1-7751212-2-0


“In this brave and vulnerable book, Tenneson Woolf illustrates once again that we humans are made stronger at our broken and mended places.” 
Christina Baldwin, author of Life’s Companion, The Seven Whispers, Storycatcher, and The Circle Way (co-author, Ann Linnea)

“Whenever anyone tells the truth about their experience, hiding nothing, we have the chance to recognize the human experience. Dark nights of the soul are an initiation into spiritual wisdom. Dwell with Tenneson in thiese poems and you’ll know that this means. If you find yourself in these pages, you will have received the gift that Tenneson offers.” 
Margaret Wheatley, author of Perseverance, Leadership and the New Science, and Who Do We Choose To Be

“I read these poems like I’ve read biblical Psalms. They are candid and honest. In this collection, Tenneson approaches the edge again and again, sometimes frightfully. This is a book for people who look deeply into themselves.”
The Rev. Cameron Barr, Senior Pastor, United Church of Chapel Hill


When The Veil Is Thin

there is a veil of awareness
that is thin
during the night.

At 2:50,
I don’t
particularly want
to lay awake
over the rest
I am not getting.

in the night,
there is deep connection
with spirit.

When the veil is thin,
I learn.


Tenneson WoolfTENNESON WOOLF is a writer, teacher, facilitator, and coach through his company, Tenneson Woolf Consulting. He is often traveling in the wide world, working as a facilitator and workshop leader in the realms of leadership and community engagement, committed to improving the quality of collaboration and imagination needed in groups, teams, and organizations – to help be in times such as these with consciousness, kindness, and learning. Although originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Tenneson now calls Lindon, Utah home – a small town at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains, where urban meets rural – but the call of his Canadian birthplace keep tugging at his roots. Tenneson holds a Masters Degree in Organizational Behavior and a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. Tenneson has three children, an old camper trailer that once belonged to his maternal grandparents, and a relatively new kayak. A Cadence of Despair is Tenneson’s first published book of poetry. You can find Tenneson at www.tennesonwoolf.com.

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