Pauletta Hansel’s Palindrome is reviewed in Still: The Journal

Pauletta Hansel author of First Person, What I Did There, and Tangle has her most recent book of poems, Palindrome, reviewed by Linda Parsons in the journal Still.

“The word palindrome was coined in the seventeenth century from the Greek palin (again) and dromos (way, direction). In her sixth poetry collection, Palindrome, Pauletta Hansel gleans layer upon layer from this term for words and phrases read the same in either direction. Both poet and caregiver as her mother spirals into vascular dementia, she expertly uses the metaphor of a palindrome’s reversal as mirror, teeter-totter, braid of past with present, even as a needle’s eye passed through to examine that most complex of relationships, mother and daughter, complicated further in the lens of loss and debilitation.” (read more)

Posted by Dos Madres Press