Paul Pines’s Message from the Memoirist Given Review in the Summer/Fall Issue of the Notre Dame Review

Paul Pine author of Reflections in a Smoking Mirror, New Orleans Variations & Paris Ouroboros, Fishing on the Polestar, most recent book of poems Message from the Memoirist was given review in the Summer/Fall issue of Notre Dame Review’s Editor’s Select.

Paul Pines, Message from the Memoirist. Dos Madres, 2015. Paul Pines’s new volume of poetry is also illustrated—in this case by Mark Shaker. The poems and illustrations make up a lively dialogue throughout. Like Lera Auerbach, Pines is also something of a polymath, and his poems manifest a deep interest in fields ranging from cosmology to jazz, the movies, and baseball. He also draws on his experience as a psychotherapist. Like one of his heroes, the physicist Wolfgang Pauli, Pines’ basic sense of well-being is derived from a memory that remembers itself.

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