Owen Lewis’s Best Man is reviewed in Stay Thirsty Magazine

Abriana Jetté reviews Owen Lewis’s Best Man in Stay Thirsty Magazine. Owen Lewis is also the author of Sometimes Full of Daylight, and Marriage Map.

“Since November, I have carried around with me a book of no more than 36 pages. I’ve opened it in the standard places: in my office, on my couch, sitting with morning coffee at the kitchen table, but I’ve also found myself touching the pages in the dim-lit hallways of my home during games of hide-and-seek with my daughter. I’ve found myself rereading it in those few minutes before heading into work when I might have normally sat alone in my car and stared into the air. I have carried it with me to the supermarket, to the library, and to bed, this book about a life that refuses to be forgotten. ” (Read More Here)

Posted by Dos Madres Press