Norman Finkelstein reviews Paul Pines’ Divine Madness

Norman Finkelstein (author of An Assembly, and Scribe) reviews Paul Pines’ Divine Madness in Jacket 2.  (Paul Pines is author of Reflections In A Smoking Mirror, and New OrleansVariations & Paris Ouroboros).

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  1. Ralph La Charity March 9, 2014 at 3:15 pm

    mr pines emerged from the elevator high above Walnut at the Mercantile in Cincinnati on Wednesday at noon, 12 Feb 2014, and immediately and, with evident Perfect Speed in the Midst of the Maelstrom of Impingement, forked over his twenty-odd pounds of contained Wisdom-in-a-Beat up-Shoulder Bag to yours truly, who accepted the gift with co-equal Perfect Speed & proceeded to schlepp the uncouth satchel on into the Blindspot Arena wherein the aforementioned mr pines would shortly be delivering an array of readings from out of his many toted tomes therein. Now in his early ‘70s, mr pines was our guest, and guess what ? His mid-day deliveries to us of the Ear-ward Ilk would be met with warmth, joy, and gratitude, for mr pines was evidently where he belonged in that particular Movement & Moment, and his Deliberate & wholly Perfect Speed in those acts was to be greatly appreciated, made-Memory on the instant…. Well met, my dear mr pines.

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