Best Man by Owen Lewis

Owen Lewis author of Sometimes Full of Daylight, and Best Man, has had his poem “Urgency” nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Mom Egg Review.

“Urgency” (see below), is a poem form his new book of poems Marriage Map, which is due to appear in early 2017.

A voice, an owl of desperation
I am still blocks away from,
and she cries that she is dying
and she is. My mother, her cousins,
a generation. Her cough hatchets
the dark I race through, the ambulance
blares ahead of me—Oh friends!
Not these sounds! I lose her, too.
It’s dangerous to be alive and lonely.
Do you come crashing down, you millions?
And what of the newly painted ceiling,
buckling and cracking, what of the sky,
star-points swelling, bursting, extinguishing—

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