Michael Daley’s Born With is reviewed in “Our Coast Weekend, Arts and Entertainment Weekly”.

Born With by Michael Daley is reviewed by the Bookmonger (Barbara Lloyd McMichael)

“. . . Not too many miles away on the neighboring Fidalgo Island, Michael Daley also dedicates himself to poetry. As one of the co-founders of the seminal Empty Bowl Press back in the 1970s, Daley has promoted and published other poets for years. He worked in a Poet-in-the-Schools program before becoming a teacher and spending more than 20 years teaching high school in Skagit County.

Now retired from teaching, Daley continues to write his own poems. His fifth poetry collection, “Born With,” is a compendium of the liveliest dirges you might ever read, along with other pieces — sometimes raging, sometimes keening with regret, but always bristling with detail.

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