Leaning Into The Infinite by Marc Vincenz is given review in the on line journal The Literary Review

Aminah Abutayeb reviews Marc Vincenz’s Leaning Into The Infinite in the online journal “The Literary Review”:

“One of the first things that came to mind while reading Marc Vincenz’s new poetry collection, Leaning into the Infinite, was a class called Philosophy of Space and Time I took in college. Space and time can be trippy on their own, so together — what a mind-boggling experience. We covered philosophical ideas, such as Zeno’s paradox, which attempts to address the relationship between small or big space, time, and motion, the infinite or finite. We studied the proof that motion is an illusion, the object that never moves in relations to its space. How one never moves forward because of the infinitely finite number of small-half points. . . .” (Read More Here)

Posted by Dos Madres Press