Karen George’s A Map and One Year is engaged by Eileen Tabios in Galatea Resurrects

A Map and One Year by Karen George is given review by Eileen Tabios in the online journal Galatea Resurrects. Eileen Tabios is author of INVENT[ST]ORY, and Murder Death Resurrection.

“Sometimes, we poet-as-readers are such know-it-alls. We assume our readers know our references. I know of several poets who would publish (and have published) “found poetry,” for example, without feeling the need to explain what is meant by “found poetry.” In this sense, one of the strengths of Karen L. George’s A Map and One Year is her Introduction—here she explains “found poetry” and how she applied its approach to making the poems that make up her latest collection. In it, she notes how “found poetry” (like many constraints) allow her imagination to journey to places her “poems might not normally go.’ ” (see more)

Posted by Dos Madres Press