John Bradley’s book of poems Hotel Montparnasse is reviewed in Scene 4

Hotel Montparnasse by John Bradley is reviewed by Karen Alenier in Scene 4.

“Hotel Montparnasse: Letters to César Vallejo  by John Bradley is bewildering in the way George Saunders Lincoln in the Bardo is with its cast of dead people interacting and discussing historic details. The Steiny Road Poet asks: is Hotel Montparnasse a book of poetry masquerading as correspondence written on hotel stationery? Given its extensive anachronistic list of “Residents of Hotel Montparnasse (During the Period Vallejo Was a Guest)”, maybe Steiny should ask if this is a play. Or, since the letters are presented in Chapters 1 through 7, should Steiny be asking if this is a novel?”

Posted by Dos Madres Press