From the Files of the Immanent Foundation is given thoughtful review in Better Living Through Beowulf

Norman Finkelstein’s From the Files of the Immanent Foundation is the topic of conversation in Robin Bates’s blog Better Living Through Beowulf. It is titled a Long Days Journey into Mystery. Norman Finkelstein is also the author of An Assembly, Scribe, and the Ratio of Reason to Magic – Selected poems.

“I write today about a wonderful collection of mysterious poems by Xavier English professor Norman Finkelstein. Full disclosure requires me to state that Norman was my best friend when we were getting our doctorates at Emory University while honesty prompts me to add that large swatches of Norman’s poetry have always eluded me. Writing about the collection gives me an opportunity to wrestle with his poetry in a systematic way.” (Read more here)

Posted by Dos Madres Press