Eric Hoffman is the featured poet in this month’s Galatea

Eric Hoffman and his latest book of verse, Presence of Life, is the featured poet in Galatea Resurrects. Eric is also author of Life at Braintree, The American Eye, By the Hours, and Forms of Life.

Presence of Life, Translator’s Note:
“This is a translation of a translation. Or better yet, a version of a translation. Or a version of a version. In any case, the primary text under examination here is decidedly not Empedocles’ fragments, composed in Greek, a language with which this present author has little experience, let alone expertise. Rather, what’s under poetic examination and critique, as it were, is scholar Brad Inwood’s intentionally inelegant translation of these fragments, as well as, more pointedly, his interpretation of that text.” (see more)

Posted by Dos Madres Press