Eliot Cardinaux’s On The Long Blue Night is reviewed in the Valparaiso Poetry Review

Zach Nickels reviews Eliot Cardinaux’s On The Long Blue Night in the Valparaiso Poetry Review.

It is often remarked, not lacking good sense or reason, that naught can be known that cannot be spoken aloud. To name the world, after all, is to articulate our experience of it. Naming well sets things in their proper places: the result is a fixed landscape across which we move. However, the brute force of this logic ignores the fact that what is articulable possesses its own conditions of emergence. Speech must be occasioned. Writing must be occasioned. Poetry, which is the highest form of human expression, is also occasioned—though not always in the manner we suspect. As Rilke once ordained, true singing is a different breath. The poets are those who sing from silence.

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