Diane Kendig reviews three Dos Madres books of poetry in Charge Magazine

Diane Kendig reviews Leonard Trawick’s A 24-Hour Cotillion, Cathy Essinger’s The Apricot And The Moon, and Anne Whitehouse’s Outside from the Inside.

Dos Madres Press, a small press in Ohio run by Editor Robert J. Murphy and artist Elizabeth Murphy, has been publishing books of excellent poetry with fine production values since 2004. From their stable of over 150 poets, here are three that reflect their mission that every book be: “unique – the typography, layout and illustrations are created specially to harmonize with and enhance the particular poems in the book. [Elizabeth]Murphy often creates illustrations for each book, but occasionally she uses existing art work both of her own and also from other artists. The goal is to make an appealing book, one where the art of the written word is in balance with the visual arts that both, present it, and accompany it, into the hands of a reader.”

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