David Giannini’s The Dawn of Nothing Important is featured in International Psychoanalysis

Poetry editor Irene Willis talks about David Giannini’s The Dawn of Nothing Important in International Psychoanalysis. Featuring three poems from the book.

Good morning, everyone!  We last featured David Giannini in 2011, but are welcoming him again now for a very special reason: the gorgeousness of his new book.  Yes, the word is accurate, and you’ll soon learn why. . .  “The Dawn of Nothing Important” (Dos Madres Press, 2022) is so beautiful that I had to stand it up to admire it before beginning to read the poems, which are fully deserving also of anyone’s admiration.  It now takes pride of place on my shelves, as it may on yours, unless you choose to display it on a coffee table for visitors to pick up and admire.

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