David Giannini’s Mayhap: Selected Brief Poems is reviewed in Blueline Magazine

Donald McNutt reviews David Giannini’s book of poems titled Mayhap: Selected Brief Poems in Blueline Magazine.

From Blueline: A Literary Magazine Dedicated to the Spirit of the Adirondacks, Volume 41, pp. 109- 112.

“David Giannini’s Mayhap: Selected Brief Poems is an exploration of time, of the before and after of things, as well as the fleetingness of our lived experiences. He develops these themes from the outset by inviting us to realize how we’re encountering his poems. The first stanza of “To You, Reader” challenges us to be mindful of what may come from our reading of Mayhap: “Do you really think / you won’t have to pause / and savor silence before / and after these words?” With its exiguous lines and crucial message, “To You, Reader” prefigures the poems to come, where every image is charged with meaning.” (Read More)

Posted by Dos Madres Press