Colin Harrington Reviews The Future Only Rattles When You Pick It Up in the Berkshire Edge

David Giannini’s The Future Only Rattles When You Pick It Up is reviewed in the Berkshire Edge. David Giannini is also the author of Faces Somewhere Wild, and In A Moment We May Strangely Blended.

“The Future Only Rattles When You Pick It Up”by David Giannini of Becket is, astonishingly, his 45th volume and representative of his finest work. It is divided into three sections: I – verse poems addressing a devotion to nature; II – “A Speaking Born of Us,” a 10-part love poem celebrating his relationship with wife Pam; and III – “Vertical Prosepoems,” opening with an excerpt from a New York Times commentary on the novelist Javier Marias, which reads in part, “His special gift is to bring these two processes, inquiry and narration, into a conjunction, making things up as he discovers them and discovering them as he makes them up.” (Read More)

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