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Outside from the Inside by Anne Whitehouse

Anne Whitehouse is interviewed in Flying Ketchup Press

Polly Alice McCann interviews Anne Whitehouse for Flying Ketchup Press. Anne is the author of The Refrain, Meteor Shower, and her most recent volume of poetry, Outside from the Inside.

A Map and One Year by Karen L. George

Karen George Appears in Collaborative Interview

A collaborative interview between Karen George and Lauren Camp concerning their recently published works appears in the online journal The Bind. “Karen George’s A Map and One Year (Dos Madres, 2018) is a collection composed

Field Light by Owen Lewis

Owen Lewis reveals in Poetry Wales on how he writes a poem

Owen Lewis tells the readers of Poetry Wales (UK) how he writes a poem: “I’m an early riser and wake to a quiet house. In the spring and early summer the sun slants into the

Southwest by Midwest by Norbert Krapf

Norbert Krapf is interviewed in NUVO about his new book of poems Southwest by Midwest.

Rita Kohn interviews Norbert Krapf and reviews his new book of poems Southwest by Midwest in NUVO. Norbert Krapf’s emails always bring the promise of an adventure. Southwest by Midwest, newly published by Dos Madres Press,

To Say The Least by J.R. Solonche

J.R. Solonche is featured in Poetry Mini Interviews

Poetry Mini Interviews  – Very short interviews with poets, featuring J.R. Solonche, April 29, 2020.

Soul Growing edited by Quanita Roberson

Qunaita Roberson is interviewed on WVXU FM

Barbara Gray interviews Quanita Roberson on her two Soul Growing books: Wisdom for 13 year old boys and girls from men and women around the world.

Litanies Said Handedly by Ralph La Charity

Mike Templeton Interviews Ralph La Charity

After reading Litanies Said Handedly by Ralph La Charity, I decided to reach out to the man himself and see if I could get some of his thoughts in the form of an interview. We

Riparian Edited by Sherry Cook Stanforth & Richard Hague

Sherry Stanforth and Dick Hague, editors of the anthology Riparian are interviewed on WVXU

WVXU’s Barbara Gray interviews Dick Hague and Sherry Stanforth editors of Riparian an anthology of poetry, prose, and photography inspired by the Ohio River.

Writing in the Ether by Catherine Arra

Catharine Arra is interviewed by Kristen-Holt Browning

Catharine Arra is interviewed by Kristen-Holt Browning about her book Writing in the Ether. When I started writing poetry again a couple of years ago, after a decade-long lapse , one of the first people

Sugar Maker Moon by Mary Kathryn Jablonski

Charlie Rossiter interviews Mary Kathryn Jablonski on the podcast “Poetry Spoken Here”

Mary Katherine Jablonski is interviewed about, as well as reads from, her book of poems Sugar Maker Moon.