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Child with a Swan's Wings by Daniel Shapiro

Daniel Shapiro is interviewed in Interlitq

“Daniel Shapiro is author of the poetry collections The Red Handkerchief and Other Poems (2014), Woman at the Cusp of Twilight (2016), and Child with a Swan’s Wings (2018), all published by Dos Madres Press.

Blue Nocturne by W. Nick Hill

W. Nick Hill is interviewed by C.M. Mayo

W. Nick Hill author of And We’d Understand Crows Laughing, and Blue Nocturne is interviewed by C.M. Mayo.

Blue Planet Memoirs by Joseph Barrett

Kirk Judd is interviewed in the Huntington, West Virginia Herald Dispatch on the late poet Joseph Barrett’s book, Blue Planet Memoir

Kirk Judd helped compile the late poet Joseph Barrett’s book of poems Blue Planet Memoir. “Like a circuit minister riding to and fro to spread the good news of the gospel, West Virginia poet Kirk

The Road Itself by Aralee Strange

Pauletta Hansel and Mark Flanigan Radio Interview: Celebrating The Life of Aralee Strange

Mark Flanigan and Pauletta Hansel are interviewed by Barbara Gray on WVXU, celebrating the life of Aralee Strange and her last book of poems, The Road Itself.

Blue Lyre by Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

Jeff Cyphers Wright author of Blue Lyre is interviewed in Am-FM Magazine

John Wisniewski interviews Jeff Wright, author of Blue Lyre, in the online Am-FM magazine. “Jeffrey Cyphers Wright is an artist, critic, eco-activist, impresario and publisher, but is best known as a poet. He received his

The Uncertain Lover by Martin Willitts Jr.

James Bourey reviews Martin Willitts Jr.’s The Uncertain Lover in the The Broadkill Review

Martin Willitts Jr. latest book of poems The Uncertain Lover is reviewed by James Bourey in the online journal The Broadkill Review. Martin Willitts Jr. is also the author of Secrets No One Must Talk

Christopher Smart's Cat by Igor Webb

Vince Passaro interviews Igor Webb author of Christopher Smart’s Cat

Igor Webb author of Christopher Smart’s Cat is interviewed on YouTube by Vince Passaro.

The Future Only Rattles When You Pick It Up by David Giannini

Dante di Stephano interviews Robert Murphy and David Giannini for the journal Best American Poetry

David Giannini author of Faces Somewhere Wild, and The Future Only Rattles When You Pick It Up along with Robert Murphy of Dos Madres Press is interviewed by Dante di Stephano for Best American Poetry. The

Pyrrhonic by Stephanie Erdman

Stephanie Erdman author of Pyrrhonic is interviewed in Twyckenham Notes

Twyckenham Notes writes of Stephanie Erdman author of Pyrrhonic: “We have the pleasure of introducing Stephanie L. Erdman, a Professor of English at Lake Michigan College with degrees from Purdue University and Indiana University South Bend. She lives in

Litanies Said Handedly by Ralph La Charity

Tyrone William interviews Ralph La Charity in Dispatches From the Poetry Wars

Tyrone William interviews Ralph La Charity in Dispatches From the Poetry Wars. Ralph La Charity is also author of Farwellia A La Aralee, and most recently. Litanies Said Handedly.