Chemical Poems - One On Each Element by Mario Markus

Anna Lena Phillips reviews Chemical Poems – One On Each Element

Read the review of Mario Markus’s Chemical Poems – One On Each Element in Chemistry & Engineering News Volume 92, Issue 7.


Mary Margaret Alvarado’s Dear Joshua in Wag’s Review

Dear Joshua, by Mary Margaret Alvarado: an elegiac letter about war and the effects of war, in the Wag’s Review.

The Refrain by Anne Whitehouse

Review of Anne Whitehouse’s The Refrain

Review in The Centrifugal Eye by Karla Linn Merrifield of Anne Whitehouse’s The Refrain.

Flesh Becomes Word by Brian Volck

Brian Volk’s Flesh Becomes Word reviewed in Web Del Sol

Flesh Becomes Word by Brian Volk in Web Del Sol Review of Books.  

The Cranberry Island Series by Donald Wellman

Donald Wellman’s The Cranberry Island Series reviewed in New Pages

The Cranberry Island Series by Donald Wellman is reviewed by Patrick James Dunagan in New Pages

Sometimes Full of Daylight by Owen Lewis

Sometimes Full of Daylight reviewed in The Adirondack Review

Owen Lewis’s Sometimes Full of Daylight is reviewed by Alex Guarco in The Adirondack Review.

Chemical Poems - One On Each Element by Mario Markus

Mario Markus interviewed in ChemViews Magazine

Mario Markus author of Chemical Poems – One For Each Element is interviewed by Dr. Vera Koester in ChemViews Magazine.  Sample essay and poem on the element Hydrogen.


Donald Wellman reviews Finkelstein, Kimmelman, Murphy

Donald Wellman reviews Norman Finkelsteins’s Track, Burt Kimmelman’s Gradually The World, and Robert Murphy’s From Behind The Blind at

Hurt, The Shadow - The Josephine Hopper Poems by Carole Stone

Hurt, The Shadow by Carole Stone is reviewed

Carole Stone’s Hurt, The Shadow – The Josephine Hopper Poems is reviewed in the East Hampton Star.


Tyrone Williams writes about the Cincinnati poetry scene in the Poetry Foundation’s Harriet blog