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Went Like It Came by Geoffrey O'Brien

A review of Geoffrey O’Brien’s Went Like It Came in Restless Messengers

Donald Revell reviews Geoffrey O’Brien’s new book of poetry Went Like It Came. “I regard the poet as the best of all critics.”—Baudelaire As English Departments inexorably abandon Texts in favor of spectral canons of

Some Words on Those Wars by John Matthias

John Matthias’s Some Words On Those Wars is reviewed in The Fortnightly Review

Garin Cycholl reviews Some Words On Those Wars by John Matthias. We kill at a distance, complicit both in the act and its reach. Take the distance of Homer’s warriors versus medieval archers, artillery gunners,

Steady by Anne Whitehouse

Steady by Anne Whitehouse is reviewed in Exist Otherwise

Eric Jennings reviews Anne Whitehouse’s Steady in the literary journal Exist Otherwise. Anne Whitehouse’s poetry collection, Steady, isn’t a poetry collection. Rather, it isn’t just a poetry collection. I, perhaps naively, set about reading it

To Sleep in the Horse's Belly by George Kalamaras

To Sleep In The Horse’s Belly by George Kalamaras is featured in the North American Review

Anthony Seidman reviews George Kalmaras’s To Sleep In The Horse’s Belly in the North American Review. George Kalamaras has proved to be a formidable and unique presence in English-language North American poetry, starting from the 1990s

Thought Despairiments by Larry Laurence

Thought Despairiments by Larry Laurence is featured in Raven Chronicles Press

Steve Potter reviews Larry Laurence’s Thought Despairiments in Raven Chronicles Press. “If one were to devise a big feels vs. deep thoughts metric for works of literature, one might be tempted to place Larry Laurence’s

Steady by Anne Whitehouse

Review of Steady by Anne Whitehouse in Bibliotekos

Anne Whitehouse’s recent book of poetry titled Steady is reviewed in Bibliotekos by Andrew Taylor. Though the title poem in Anne Whitehouse’s collection is offered near the end of the book. I couldn’t help but

Spooky Action by John Mulrooney

Spooky Action by John Mulrooney is reviewed in The Arts Fuse

Spooky Action by John Mulrooney is reviewed by Michael Londra in The Arts Fuse – Boston’s Premier Online Arts Magazine. Spooky Action, John Mulrooney’s latest book of poetry, contains his finest verse to date. And

Already Long Ago by David Giannini

Review of David Giannini’s latest book of poetry Already Long Ago

Bill Everhart reviews David Giannini’s Already Long Ago in the Berkshire Eagle. The multiverse is all the rage in summer movie blockbusters and it’s a concept that Berkshire poet David Giannini likes to explore as

Amiss by Gina Ferrara

Poem by Gina Ferrara is featured in Autumn Sky Poetry Daily

Gina Ferrara’s poem “Honestly Fabricated” from her most recent book of poems, Amiss appears in the June 17 issue of Autumn Sky Poetry Daily.

Already Long Ago by David Giannini

Review in The Berkshire Edge of Already Long Ago by David Giannini

Hannah Van Sickle reviews David Giannini’s new book of poetry, Already Long Ago. By my recollection, it was not long ago that I last had the pleasure of reading a slim volume of poetry penned