Gradually the World: New and Selected Poems, 1982 – 2013
Gradually the World by Burt Kimmelman
By Burt Kimmelman

Drawings by Basil King

“The specificity of Burt Kimmelman’s poems has, for more than thirty years, been a singularly locating force. It situates us in space, in relation to the luminosity of objects, art, and one another. That every shadow of wonder can stand forth in the most familiar words is the gift this poet offers his readers time and again.” – Susan Howe

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Praise for Burt Kimmelman’s Earlier Poetry

“A rare evocation . . . the wonder of this world in itself.”
– Robert Creeley

“Artful, fastidious, learned . . . I am delighted by so much feeling for style.”
– Alfred Kazin

“A strict & powerful accounting, leaving me – for one – filled with admiration & hooked on every word.”
– Jerome Rothenberg

“Form calls deeply to form, as though the works … lifted one to the very brim of language….”
– Michael Heller

“Few contemporary poets so gracefully demonstrate classic notions of what the practice of poetry must be.”
– Madeline Tiger, Jacket

“Exceptionally intelligent and necessary . . .”
– Ed Foster, Poetry Project Newsletter

“His confidence lies with the poem itself, that he has found it (or that it has found him)….”
– Norman Finkelstein, The Offending Adam

“[In Kimmelman’s poems] the arts restate the questions we have been asking and the ways they clean and stretch our questions reward us more than answers would.”
– William Bronk

“As quiet an experience as anyone could wish for.”
– Cid Corman

“He finds what is luminously transcendent….”
– Harvey Shapiro

“Worth our own best attention. ”
– John Taggart

“Burt Kimmelman’s poems flourish as they pivot from a repertoire of reiterated subjects – works of art, natural landscapes, family, the animal world – to a transfiguring notion of their properties and possibilities.”
– Jon Curley, Talisman

“Attains ‘the simple … facts’.”
– Samuel Menashe

“A verse so delicate and so far from insistence….”
– Karl Young, Light & Dust

“Kimmelman’s quiet poems contain the luminescence of perception, its lure, its beauty, its Zen of breath, tracing beauty in the pulse of the extant.”
– Star Black

“Kimmelman’s poems attest to the simple majesties of being, the massive implications of the everyday.”
– Eric Hoffman, Rain Taxi

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Monet’s Garden

Giverny, 20 August 2005

The lily’s charm is not
its colors but how it
floats, as if free, upon

the pond’s dark surface. We
make our way over his

wooden bridge and then pass
the shrubs and flowers he
planted, arranged just so

to paint. How carefully
the pigment would be placed,

how gradually the world —
its daily businesses —
would become still and deep.

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