Anne Whitehouse is reviewed in the latest issue of Alabama Writers Forum

Nancy Owen Nelson reviews Steady Anne Whitehouse’s latest collection of poems in the Alabama Writers Forum.

Anne Whitehouse’s collection Steady is difficult to pigeonhole, given the variety of content in the volume. While the poems are largely narrative in method, Whitehouse taps into the lives and minds of historical figures such as Dante (“Dante’s Tombs”) and more recent 20th-century figures such as the poets Auden (“Auden’s Bookcase”) and Mark Strand (“At the Poet’s Last Reading”). However, the most compelling poems in the volume appear in Section III, “An Art Story.” In it, Whitehouse narrates the lives of several women artists: surrealist Leonora Carrington, photographer Lee Miller, artist Frida Kahlo, sculptor Ruth Asawa, and Asawa’s friend, photographer Imogene Cunningham. Using third-person narrative, Whitehouse details the lives of Carrington and Miller; however, Frida’s narrative is interspersed with her larger-than-life husband, Diego Rivera’s, interior voices powerfully illustrating the dramatic tensions between the two.

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