A review of David Giannini’s In A Moment We May Be Strangely Blended

In A Moment We May Be Strangely Blended is reviewed in the Berkshire Edge by Hannah Van Sickle. David Giannini is also the author of Faces Somewhere Wild, and The Future Only Rattles When You Pick It Up.

“Perennial poet David Giannini’s newest collection explores the myriad inherent dichotomies of the world—or, more simply put, how the seemingly disparate pieces that swirl about the universe need not be battened down in one place to make sense. “In A Moment We May Be Strangely Blended,” a slender volume featuring a cover emblazoned with an abstract portrait of a man, hinges upon plentiful allusions that span the scope of time. And like the abstract artist, the poet does not necessarily attempt to represent external reality; instead, he seeks to achieve its effect using the myriad shapes, forms, colors and textures gleaned from the world around him. . . . ” (Read More Here)

Posted by Dos Madres Press