A New Blog From David M. Katz

David M. Katz author of Claims of Home, Stanzas on Oz, and In Praise of Manhattan, has begun a new and delightful poetry blog.

Welcome to my world. Here you’ll find frequent poems and posts about poets I love best from all times and inclinations. I’m a poet who feels that our age-old art form is vibrant and will forever stay vibrant. I want to have a hand in driving that continuous vibrancy. No, I don’t hold with folks who think poetry is dead. While I love to mix it up with those I disagree with, I hate snark and cynicism, and you won’t find much of that here. “Praise to the End!” is the title of a sequence of poems by Theodore Roethke, and I agree with the sentiment. Let there be commerce between us, as Pound said to Whitman in a poem.

Posted by Dos Madres Press