Thomas More’s Creative Writing Vision 2018 Spring Writer’s Table is hosted by Dick Hague.

When: Mondays from 12-12:50
Where: TMC Chancellor’s Room (near the cafeteria)
Why: To add a creative writing break to your day–generate new writing material.

Free and open to the public. Join us whenever you wish!

Monday, January 29 — Dread, Misgivings, Regrets
Write a poem, prose poem, or sudden fiction or nonfiction about an experience that had dark psychological ramifications for you. Maybe it was something you didn’t want to do but nevertheless had to do; maybe it was some looming event you had very negative “vibes” about; maybe it was something you did that now you wish you hadn’t done.

Monday, February 5 – Transformation
A poem or prose poem about some physical or spiritual transformation, as in fairy tales or conversion stories.

Monday, February 12 — Begin & End II
Begin a poem or sudden fiction or nonfiction with one of these words: bummed, leaping, hounded, fallen, scarlet, and end it with one of these words: yell, dusk, flushed, portrait, tomb.

Monday, February 26 — Variations in the Lives of the Shoe
We’ve heard the phrase “walk a mile in his shoes,” as a metaphor for empathizing with someone. So do that: write a poem about walking a mile in the shoes of a civil rights worker, or a soldier, or a homeless person, or a saint. Or invent some fabulous and magical adventures for an imaginary or real shoe—from your own wardrobe, or from a famous literary shoe: Cinderella’s or Dorothy’s slipper, or the boot Cheryl Strayed lost in Wild, or the worn shoes in the Grimm’s tale of the dancing princesses.
Examples: “The First Several Histories of DoHis Beard” or see “Concealed Shoes” article on Wikipedia.

Monday, March 12 — Lunacy
Full moon poems for howlers, werewolves, slinkers, or gumshoes.

Monday, March 26 — Monologues
Write a poem in which a character reveals something of himself or herself inadvertently. See “”My Last Duchess” by Browning or “Eliot’s The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock.”

Monday, April 9 — Sound Effects
Make a list of seven words that have the same vowel sounds (like bee, treat, pepperoni, eagle) and use them in a repetitive way throughout a poem. (from Writing Prompts by Kelli Russell Agodon –

Monday, April 23 — Famous
Write a poem or flash fiction in which you include a famous person in an actual encounter—you may abandon the arrow of time and the laws of physics.

Monday, May 7 — Open Mic Read Around
Come and share a finished piece that was inspired by one of our Writers Table sessions this semester. We’ll listen to our creations and enjoy a festive end- of-the-year gathering

Looking for a relaxing day of writing and reflection in nature? Join award-winning author and TMC Writer-in-residence Dick Hague, Cincinnati’s Poet Laureate Pauletta Hansel and TMC Creative Writing Vision Director Sherry Cook Stanforth for this spring’s Community of Creative Writer’s Retreat. Activities begin on the evening of Friday, May 4 and go all day on Saturday, May 5, 2018. Optional overnight. Opportunities for guided prompts, manuscript feedback, literary sharing and writing solitude. To learn more about this event and other exciting CWV literary readings and workshops, contact Sherry Cook Stanforth at

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