Soul Growing edited by Quanita Roberson

Quanita Roberson, MA, editor of Soul Growing, will be the keynote speaker at Brazil’s 2nd National Seminar on Affirming Diversity.

The 2nd National Seminar Affirming Diversities: Race and Ethnic Relations, Gender, Youth and Inclusion of People with Disabilities in Brazilian Society is a unique forum for debating and deepening the issue of diversity and difference in our country, without losing sight of the significant experiences of other nations like the United States, Mexico and Portugal. Segregation and exclusion of people with disabilities, as well as racial inequalities and gender inequities are key challenges to be addressed as they are part of the social fabric of Brazil´s society. This event will bring together teachers, university professors, researchers, students, civil society and social movements representatives that come from many parts of Brazil to build a dialogue with a forceful perspective and oriented by research, teaching and Community Service Learning. The activities will be oriented by the intersections of class, race, ethnicity, culture, gender and sexual diversity.

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