Please join us for “MERLE as MUSE” EKPHRASTIC POETRY READING February 23 at 7pm at CAZA SIKES GALLERY.

15 Dos Madres Poets & Friends will be reading poems written especially for this event inspired by Merle Rosen’s artwork. The reading will be accompanied by a slideshow.

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Cincinnati Poet Laureate and Dos Madres author Pauletta Hansel, will participate as well as Dos Madres author Richard Hague Thomas More College’s Writer in Residence, among others at the 26th annual Caden Blincoe Outloud Festival. Sunday, February 25th from 2 to 4pm, at the TMCs Science Lecture Hall.

Marriage Map by Owen Lewis

Owen Lewis, author of Sometimes Full of Daylight, Best Man, and most recently Marriage Map will participate in a panel at this year’s AWP, Association of Writers and Writer’s Programs conference to be held in Tampa Florida, Friday, March 9, 10:30 to 11:45am. The panel discussion is titled Strong Medicine – The Poetry of Addiction.

Murder Death Resurrection by Eileen R. Tabios

Joey Madia reviews Eileen Tabios’s latest book of poetry, Murder Death Resurrection in the online journal Literary Aficionado. Eileen Tabios is also the author of INVENT[ST]ORY.

Maxine Silverman author of Palimpsest will read at the Tompkins Square Branch of the New York Public Library, Saturday March 10, 2018, 3pm, 331 East 10th St., NYC, as part of their Bi-lingual Poetry Series.

Dos Madres authors Janet MacFadyen and David Giannini will read their work  March 8th, 6-7pm at the Williamstown Bookstore  81 Spring St, Williamstown, MA 01267. Janet MacFadyen is author of Waiting to be Born. David Giannini is author of Faces Somewhere Wild, and The Future Only Rattles When You Pick It Up.

The Future Only Rattles When You Pick It Up by David Giannini

Mass Poetry interviews David Giannini about his new book of poems, The Future Only Rattles When You Pick It Up. David Giannini is also the author of Faces Somewhere Wild.

Stignatz & The User of Vicenza by Rick Mullin

Rick Mullin’s poem “February” from his book of poems Stignatz & the User of Vicenza, is featured in Autumn Sky Poetry – Daily. Rick Mullin is also the the author of Soutine, Coelacanth. Sonnets from the Voyage of the Beagle, and Transom.

The first in a series of blogs by Pauletta Hansel on the poets craft. Pauletta Hansel is Cincinnati’s first Poet Laureate.

The Future Only Rattles When You Pick It Up by David Giannini

David Gianninni, author of Faces Somewhere Wild has his new book of poems, The Future Only Rattles When You Pick It Up engaged by Eileen Tabios author of INVENT[ST]ORY, and Murder Death Resurrection.

Murder Death Resurrection by Eileen R. Tabios

Eileen Tabios author of INVENT[ST]ORY has her latest book Murder Death Resurrection reviewed by Leny Strobel.  

Thomas More’s Creative Writing Vision 2018 Spring Writer’s Table is hosted by Dick Hague.

When: Mondays from 12-12:50
Where: TMC Chancellor’s Room (near the cafeteria)
Why: To add a creative writing break to your day–generate new writing material.

Free and open to the public. Join us whenever you wish!

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Essay Poems by Donald Wellman

Donald Wellman, author of The North Atlantic Wall, and The Cranberry Island Series, will read from his latest work, Essay Poems at Gibson’s Bookstore, 45 South Main Street, Concord, New Hampshire, 03301, January 17, 2018, 7pm. The reading is part of the Poetry Society of New Hampshire reading series.

Revolutions by John Mathias, with illustrations by Jean Dibble, and critical commentary by Robert Archambau is reviewed by Ian Pople in the Manchester Review.

Plaintive Music by Ron Domen

Verse Daily has featured Ron Domen’s poem “The Owl in the Woodwork” from his new book of poems Plaintive Music. Ron was also reviewed for the NYU School of Medicine data base in the Literature and Arts section.

Richard Hague’s 2017 book of poems Studied Days – Poems Early and Late in Appalachia, and Pauletta Hansel’s 2017. Palindrome are given mention in City Beat’s Notable Regional Books feature. (Richard Hague is also author of Burst – Poems Quickly, During the Recent Extinctions, Where Drunk Men Go, and Beast, River, Drunk Men, Garden, Burst, […]