Tangle by Pauletta Hansel

Bridget Reilly of Xavier University interviews Pauletta Hansel on her recent book of poems, Tangle, published by Dos Madres Press, September 2015. Pauletta Hansel is also author of What I Did There, Dos Madres Press, 2011.

Invent[st]ory by Eileen Tabios

Eileen Tabios, author of INVENT[ST]ORY has her poem “Listing” featured on the The Sundress Blog’s Wardrobe’s Best DressedĀ page.

The Refrain by Anne Whitehouse

Anne Whitehouse author of The Refrain wins the 2016 Songs of Eretz Poetry Review Prize for her poem “Calligraphies”.

There are Words by Burt Kimmelman

Burt Kimmelman’s chapbook There Are Words is reviewed by Eileen Tabios (INVENT[ST]ORY) in the online journal Galatea Resurrects. Burt Kimmelman is also the author of the The Way We Live.

The Magnificence of Ruin by Sherry Kearns

Burt Kimmelman (There Are Words, and The Way We Live) reviews Sherry Kearn’s The Magnificence of Ruin in Galatea Resurrects. Sherry Kearns is also the author of Deep Kiss.

The Gospel According to Judas by Keith Holyoak

Eileen Tabios (INVENT[ST]ORY) reviews Keith Holyaok’s The Gospel According to JudasĀ in Galatea Resurrects #25. Keith Holyoak is also the author of My Minotaur, and Foreigner.

Markhawk Review 2015

Edited by Dos Madres author Norman Finkelstein and featuring poems by ten Dos Madres authors, is now available online.