Night Walking with Nathaniel – Poems of Salem by Dennis Daly

Dennis Daly, on Wednesday August 30th at 7pm, will be reading at the Seamus Heaney Memorial Reading with two other very talented poets, Valerie Duff and Aiden Rooney.

Marriage Map by Owen Lewis

Owen Lewis’s Marriage Map has been short listed in the genre of Poetry and Short Stories by the International Rubery Book Award.

Litanies Said Handedly by Ralph LaCharity

Ralph La Charity author of Farewellia a la Aralee has his latest book Litanies Said Handedly reviewed (and is also interviewed) by Jake Berry In the online journal Otoliths.

Pauletta Hansel author of First Person, What I Did There, and Tangle, reads her poem “Tending Green” at the MOTR Pub’s monthly Word of Mouth series of reading.

Lord's Own Anointed by Kevin Cutrer

Kevin Cutrer’s Lord’s Own Anointed is reviewed by Dennis Daly in Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene. (Dennis Daly is author of Night Walking – Poems of Salem.)

Tangle by Pauletta Hansel

Barbara Gray of WVXU has a conversation with Cincinnati’s first Poet Laureate, Pauletta Hansel (Pauletta is the author of First Person, What I Did There, and Tangle).

Pauletta Hansel author of First Person, What I Did There, and Tangle, and first Poet Laureate of Cincinnati, writes about Dos Madres Press in the online journal

Eyewitness by Natalie Safir

Natalie Safir’s poem “Roadtrip West” from her book Eyewitness was read by Garrison Keillor on Writer’s Almanac, April 21,2017

Dos Madres Press Poetry Reading

Review in Kings County Journal by José Negroni of a poetry reading by three Dos Madres authors at Book Culture, featuring Gary Racz, Daniel Shapiro, and Paul Pines.

Tangle by Pauletta Hansel

Pauletta Hansel, the Poet Laureate of Cincinnati, and author of First Person, What I Did There, and Tangle, along with Dos Madres Press are given a write-up up in City Beat.

CityBeat, a local Cincinnati area newspaper has just announced its 2017 “Best of” list. Dos Madres Press was thrilled to be among their choices.

From Behind The Blind by Robert Murphy

Robert Murphy, author of Life in the Ordovician, and From Behind the Blind has two poems featured in the December 2016 issue of Galatea Resurrects, edited by Eileen Tabios, author of Invent[st]ory.

The Pond in Room 318 by Kip Zegers

Kip Zegers the author of The Poet of Schools, and The Pond in Room 318 is interviewed live on the National Writing Project.

Meteor Shower by Anne Whitehouse

Jordyn Shawhan reviews Meteor Shower by Anne Whitehouse in The Basil O’Flahery online journal. Anne Whitehouse is also the author of The Refrain (Dos Madres 2012).

The Palace of Flowers by Gerry Grubbs

Gerry Grubbs author of Still Life, The Girls in Bright Dresses Dancing, and The HIVE Is a Book we Read for its Honey is interviewed by WVXU’s Barbara Gray on the program Around Cincinnati about his new book of poetry The Palace of Flowers.

The Ratio of Reason to Magic: New & Selected Poems by Norman Finkelstein

Norman Finkelstein, author of An Assembly, and Scribe, was interviewed by Barbara Gray on About Cincinnati, a feature of WVXU FM Radio. Dr. Finkelstein spoke to Barbara about his latest book of poems, The Ration of Reason to Magic, and read selections from the work.