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Mary Margaret Alvarado author of Hey Folly will be reading her work as part of the Dollhouse Reading Series held in Chicago, March 14, 2015, 7pm. 2265 West Leland Ave., No 1, Chicago ILL. Also check out Mia’s review-essay in The Rumpus on the book The Long Shadow of Chernobyl.


Henry Weinfield’s A Wandering Aramaean (Dos Madres 2012) is featured in the Scholar’s Corner of the Notre Dame blog in conjunction with the performance of Mendelssohn’s Elijah, which is itself part of the Mellon Interdisciplinary Sacred Music Dramas series presented at Notre Dame University. (also by Henry Weinfield: Tears of the Muses – Dos Madres 2004, and Without Mythologies – Dos Madres 2008)

Earth and Cave by Michael Heller

Michael Heller author of A Look At The Door With The Hinges Off, and Earth and Cave has poetry in translation, also five new poems, and excerpts of a talk given at Naropa Univeristy, in the Belgian magazine website alligatorzine.be edited by Kurt Devrese.

Flesh Becomes Word by Brian Volck

Brian Volk author of Flesh Becomes Word illustrated by his brother John were interviewed by Barbara Gray on on WVXU FM 91.7 Cincinnati – 88.5 Oxford, Ohio.

Mary A Life In Verse & The Red Handkerchief

David Harris will read and discuss selections from Patricia Monaghan’s Mary: A Life in Verse (April 12, 2015), and Daniel Shapiro’s The Red Handkerchief and Other Poems (April 19, 2015) during broadcasts of Difficult Listening – The Poetry Show, broadcast from the studios of Radio Free Nashville 107.1 and 103.7 FM Pasquo TN between 10 […]

The Shape of a Box by Grace Curtis

Grace Curtis author of The Shape Of A Box is interviewed by Barbara Gray on WVXU 91.7 radio.

The Blue Chip City Book of the Dead by Steven and Joe Winhusen

Stehen and Joe Winhusen (The Blue Chip City Book of the Dead) are interviewed by Barbara Gray on WVXU 91.7 radio.